Personal Blog for The Wild Thinker

My client, Alwin, is a clinical psychologist with thousands of ideas and wild concepts inside his head. He really loves spending his time writing whatever he’s thinking and sharing it with people. That is why a personal blog site would suit his needs.

CoinFolks – All About Web3 in One Hand

CoinFolks is a multi-platform media that provides various information related to the web3 industry. With their purpose of sharing knowledge about cryptocurrency, they have a plan to build an online learning platform for people to learn investment using cryptocurrency. Since the usage of mobile phones is high among cryptocurrency enthusiasts, they have decided to build a mobile cryptocurrency learning app.

GrabMart Shopping Process

GrabMart is a service from Grab that helps people to shop for groceries or daily needs. GrabMart is responsible to create better online grocery shopping experience because many people rely on it, especially during pandemic.

GoPlay Room

GoPlay is Video-on-Demand (VOD) service provider that focuses on showing Indonesian content and films. It wants to increase the exposure of Indonesian films but their number of users is the least among other VODs.